Henry’s New Collar

Henry and Annie are very rough on Henry’s collars.  He outgrew his first kitten collar, so I purchased a cute saddle stitch collar off Etsy for him.  It only lasted a few months.  Between him scratching it and Annie sinking her teeth into it when they wrestle, the stitching completely came apart! (Annie refuses to wear a collar, but I assume if she did, it would suffer the same fate).

Allow me to introduce you to the greatest cat collar ever-a paracord collar!  It’s made of parachute cord.  This stuff is indestructible.  And if your husband happens to have been Airborne at any point in his military career, he’ll greatly appreciate the material.  The collar must be custom sized to kitty’s neck, so I suggest waiting until they’re an adult before purchasing.  At $12 after S&H, this collar is a steal.  It also includes the absolutely necessary feature of breakaway safety hardware.  If you’d like one for your kitty (or dog! she makes those too), you can find them here.  Katie is great to work with!

Henry looks absolutely darling!  See for yourself.

(I continued his theme of red collars as a tribute to my husband’s Combat Engineer career and my career with the US Army Corps of Engineers!)


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Missing Dad.

I knew my husband being gone would be hard on Annie.  She has been enamored with him since the moment she met him as a 4 week old kitten.  But today I really saw her missing him.  After I get out of the shower, she usually jumps right in, rolls around and licks all the dripping water out of the faucet.  Today she jumped in, but then she just sat there looking at me with the saddest eyes I have ever seen on a kitty.  I couldn’t even entice her to drink out of the faucet by turning it on (this would normally cause her to spaz out and start romping around and pawing the water)!  People who say cats aren’t loving are wrong.  They have relationships with their people and are happy when they get to be with them and sad when they aren’t around.  I have never been more convinced of this than I was this morning when I looked at my sweet little calico’s face.

Annie’s normal behavior in the bathtub:

Today’s pictures of her in the bathtub.  After I took the pictures, I immediately picked her up and cuddled her and told her I missed him too.

Don’t worry.  Her Uncle Mikey is coming to visit this weekend.  He’ll lift her spirits and spoil her rotten!

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New Kittens!

I think there’s some rule about my foster room always having to be full!  48 hours after the Spartans went to Petco, I got 3 more little kittens.  They’re actually about the same age as the Spartans.  They came to us from the Leavenworth, Kansas shelter that was filled to capacity.  Very social and playful!  This should be an easy group-they’re ready for spays and neuter so we’ll be getting it taken care of quickly.  Since they’re socially ready to be adopted, we just have to medically get them ready to be adopted.  No sign of any illness, so we should have them on their way shortly 🙂   I’m still working on names for these 2 girls and a boy!

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Spartans are at Petco

If you’re in Kansas and want to meet the Spartan girls, you better hurry up and make your way to Petco in Manhattan.  The way they were rolling around playing and wreaking havoc the second I put them in the cage last night, they won’t last long.  Families won’t be able to resist their spunk!  Here are a few of the last photos I have of them.  Such joyful, active kittens!  Although I took the most photos of them while they were napping-they were too hard to otherwise capture on camera!  They move so quickly!

Maron and her shaved Belly.

Leo trying to get comfy

Leo and Alphie napping


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Spartans are Waiting for Space

The Spartans were successfully spayed on Saturday, and they are now just waiting for space at Petco to open up!  They are really going to miss their surrogate mama cat, Caroline.

I think Caroline’s going to miss her babies too!


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Black Cat Love

I caught my three solid black kitties cuddling up together yesterday 🙂

(The Spartans were spayed on Saturday, hence the shaved belleh)

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It is impossible to be lonely



It’s impossible to be lonely when you have kitties who insist on cuddling, no matter how inconvenient it may be for you!

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