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So Many Adoptions!

Since I last wrote 2 weeks ago, we have had SO many adoptions!

Every single Spartan was adopted (each went to a separate home).

Caroline went home with her new mama.

Maverick went home with his new mama and a kitty from another one of our foster homes.

Miami went home last night with his new family.

Palmetto should be picked up by her new family tonight.

My math skills tell me that is 7 adoptions in 2 weeks!
Adoptions mean there are new fosters in the house!  But before you meet the new ones, let me remind you of the 2 fosters you already know and love who are still here:

Sweeney and Ebony.  These boys have really blossomed with the change of foster room residents!  Can’t wait to introduce you to the new additions!



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Sweeney and Maverick have been in the foster room together for about 7 months now.  I think  you can definitely say they’ve become pals!

I hope we can find these guys a home.  They deserve it!  Maverick is the gentlest soul.  And Sweeney cracks me up everyday with his playful antics.  Someone come and adopt them soon!

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Stripey Sweeney

The adorable Sweenster is not stripey in the traditional understanding of a “striped or tiger cat.”  But trust me.  He has stripes.  All the white parts of his fur are connected by stripes!  And in the most adorable, asymmetrical way.

Here’s his chin stripe that connects his face white to his chest and belly white!

And I was able to get his back right leg stripe that connects his belly white to his boot on his back paw.

While I haven’t been able to capture his sweet belly and the stripes that connect that belly to his mittens and boot on his other three paws, trust me, they’re there.   And as soon as I get more photos of his stripes,  I will share.

Am I the only person who find the asymmetry of his white markings absolutely endearing?  They really seem to fit his goofy, quirky personality.

I’m going to try harness/leashing training him.  He does NOT do well in cages and hates to be picked up.  This makes his a very hard cat to place at Petco (he was there for way too long over winter) and take to adoption events because people always want to be able to hold the cats.  I’m considering harness/leash training him in order to make him a more accessible, interactive cat at adoption events.  Any thoughts, suggestions?  Sweeney is a wonderful, loving, playful cat who deserves a home with another cat looking for a play buddy!

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The Gang’s All Here

The sweet fosters who are currently at our home (in alphabetical order):



She is so playful now that she’s recovered from surgery!

She looks sad in this photo, but really she is keeping an eye on “her” kittens in this photo.



Such a poser.




His fur on his belly is finally growing back!  We have decided that his overgrooming was due to the stress of the shelter and then new foster home.

Don’t you just want to kiss that face??  He’s perfectly happy to let you.


I love the asymmetry of his markings!

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A Recap of Fosters from April to June

I’ve had the same foster cats, with no changes, since early April.  You’ve already met these guys:





But you haven’t met Ebony.  Here he is (the picture is wretched, but it’s the best I have for now.  He’s hard to photograph!):

I’ll post his story soon.

And Romeo, Maverick’s brother (remember him?) was adopted, and recently returned.  He arrived at our house on Friday.  We’re hoping to find him a better foster situation-he is not a fan of other cats, which makes our foster room an unhappy place for him to be.  But for now, the kitties are working out boundaries with each other.

The situation was improved slightly last night.  I took Henri and Sweeney to Petco!  The boys became best friends in the past few months.  Photographic evidence below.  I hope they get adopted quickly.  They’ve both already been in the cages at Petco before, and I don’t want them to have to be there for another few months.

Aren’t they precious??  Good luck, boys!



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The Current Cats

Just to keep you all up to speed, here’s the current crew:

Maverick, Sweeney and Caroline.

and Henri.

For those of you following closely, yes, Henri was already here and was adopted.  He was returned to us last week.  Honestly, the family who adopted him was not a good match.  Henri is easily frightened by unexpected noises.  The family who adopted him had 2 young, active boys.  They said when everything was very quiet and no one moved, he was cuddly and wonderful.  But like any house with young kids, very rarely are there quiet moments.  So he’s back at our house looking for the right family!

These 4 kitties we have right now are so sweet.  They all greet me at the door and hang out on the bed with me like you see in the photos.  Based on how they behave with each other, they would all do well in a house with other cats.  Henry and Annie are also frequent visitors to the foster room with no objections from the fosters.  I love this group.

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Handsome Sweeney

Remember Sweeney who I introduced last week?

I got a few more pictures of him that show off his gorgeous belly.  He’s turning into a very affectionate boy.  He is SO playful.  And so loving to all the other kitties.  He’s the perfect cat if you want a kitty who wants to be with people, but doesn’t want to sit on their lap and cuddle.  He prefers to be near enough for pets and belly rubs, but not suffocate you.  He plays with every single toy in the cat room.  He has the cutest little jog.  I seriously don’t know why he sat at Petsmart and Petco for so long.  To all those people who passed him over–you missed out!

Check out those stripes that wrap around his back legs!  His front legs have a matching set! (he’s also giving me the stink eye because I stopped rubbing his belly to take these photos)

I actually took these photos last week.  He’s looking slightly less…….portly now that’s he’s getting some exercise.  I hope we can find him his forever home without him having to go back in cage!


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