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So Many Adoptions!

Since I last wrote 2 weeks ago, we have had SO many adoptions!

Every single Spartan was adopted (each went to a separate home).

Caroline went home with her new mama.

Maverick went home with his new mama and a kitty from another one of our foster homes.

Miami went home last night with his new family.

Palmetto should be picked up by her new family tonight.

My math skills tell me that is 7 adoptions in 2 weeks!
Adoptions mean there are new fosters in the house!  But before you meet the new ones, let me remind you of the 2 fosters you already know and love who are still here:

Sweeney and Ebony.  These boys have really blossomed with the change of foster room residents!  Can’t wait to introduce you to the new additions!



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Spartans are at Petco

If you’re in Kansas and want to meet the Spartan girls, you better hurry up and make your way to Petco in Manhattan.  The way they were rolling around playing and wreaking havoc the second I put them in the cage last night, they won’t last long.  Families won’t be able to resist their spunk!  Here are a few of the last photos I have of them.  Such joyful, active kittens!  Although I took the most photos of them while they were napping-they were too hard to otherwise capture on camera!  They move so quickly!

Maron and her shaved Belly.

Leo trying to get comfy

Leo and Alphie napping


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Spartans are Waiting for Space

The Spartans were successfully spayed on Saturday, and they are now just waiting for space at Petco to open up!  They are really going to miss their surrogate mama cat, Caroline.

I think Caroline’s going to miss her babies too!


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Black Cat Love

I caught my three solid black kitties cuddling up together yesterday 🙂

(The Spartans were spayed on Saturday, hence the shaved belleh)

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The vet just called our cat coordinator.  It turns out that Leo, Alphie and Maron are GIRLS!  Whoops.  And since spays take much longer than neuters, it looks like they’ll be going back on Saturday.  They are going to be very displeased that they have to go another night without food!
I’m debating on whether or not to keep their names as is.  Because the fact is most adoptive families change kitty’s name anyway.  For consistency in records, I think they’ll be keeping their boy names.

I am still laughing about the phone call.  And it’s going to be hard to stop thinking of them as boys!

I can’t wait to get home tonight and cuddle with them and laugh at them.  Who wouldn’t want to snuggle with this little one?

Sweet Alphie.


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Warriors are off to the Vet

The Spartans are off to the vet today for neutering.  How did they grow up so fast??

Good morning foster mama.  Are you serving me breakfast in bed?

What??? No Breakfast??  It’s bad enough I didn’t have food in my bowl allllll night long.  Now you’re going to deprive me of breakfast?  What is the meaning of this?

Look here, lady.  If you think I’m going to let those people anywhere close enough to accomplish THAT, well then you’re just mistaken.

Lots of yummy treats afterwards, you say?  I think I can be convinced.  But don’t forget the tuna!

Yes, Leo, we get the message.  You want dinner on a silver platter after surgery tonight.  Not a problem.  Although the way this usually goes, you and your brothers will be running around like nothing has even changed.  Crazy kittens.

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Spartans go to Camp!

My husband and I were able to take a weekend trip to Oklahoma thanks to our great friends who watched the Spartans while we were gone!  I don’t like 8 week old kittens going more than a few hours without some supervision, so our usual sitter who comes once per day wouldn’t work.  So we packed them up and dropped them off at our friends’ house on our way out of town.

Skip, their dog, promptly greeted everyone, including the kittens.   He has his own cat sisters, so he knows the rules about how to behave around kitties.

This is Skip.  Isn’t he ADORABLE?  He gives great puppy hugs and his bobbed tail is constantly “wagging.”

Leo was less than impressed.  Check out that tail floof!

We left the kittens while they were eating their dinner.  They were not at all concerned that they were in a new place.

And when we received this photo 2 hours later, it was easy to just focus on Oklahoma for the weekend!

(From top: Maron, Alphie, Leo)

Thanks friends for letting our little ones camp at your place for the weekend!  Based on how hard they slept Sunday night, they had a blast!  And we could enjoy our weekend worry-free.  Thank you!




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