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So Many Adoptions!

Since I last wrote 2 weeks ago, we have had SO many adoptions!

Every single Spartan was adopted (each went to a separate home).

Caroline went home with her new mama.

Maverick went home with his new mama and a kitty from another one of our foster homes.

Miami went home last night with his new family.

Palmetto should be picked up by her new family tonight.

My math skills tell me that is 7 adoptions in 2 weeks!
Adoptions mean there are new fosters in the house!  But before you meet the new ones, let me remind you of the 2 fosters you already know and love who are still here:

Sweeney and Ebony.  These boys have really blossomed with the change of foster room residents!  Can’t wait to introduce you to the new additions!



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Guess Who Found Herself a Home

Sweet Caroline. She goes to her forever home next Friday!!



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Spartans are Waiting for Space

The Spartans were successfully spayed on Saturday, and they are now just waiting for space at Petco to open up!  They are really going to miss their surrogate mama cat, Caroline.

I think Caroline’s going to miss her babies too!


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Caroline in her Throne.

Whenever I buy new things for the kitties, I never know what will be a hit.

This scratcher is Caroline approved.  She has declared it to be her throne.

And a video that shows just how much she loves to roll around in it 🙂


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Caroline Enjoys a Foot Rub

But not the kind you’re thinking of!


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The Gang’s All Here

The sweet fosters who are currently at our home (in alphabetical order):



She is so playful now that she’s recovered from surgery!

She looks sad in this photo, but really she is keeping an eye on “her” kittens in this photo.



Such a poser.




His fur on his belly is finally growing back!  We have decided that his overgrooming was due to the stress of the shelter and then new foster home.

Don’t you just want to kiss that face??  He’s perfectly happy to let you.


I love the asymmetry of his markings!

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Spartan Bath Lessons

Caroline’s first order of business when the Spartans arrived was to get them cleaned up.  When she met resistance (like I’m sure most cat mamas do), she decided to simply give a bathing lesson to the kittens!

Hello Maron!  Let’s get all that formula/kitten food off your face.

No WAY lady!  Back off!

Hmmm….how am I going to get this little guy clean…

See, you lick your paw, rub your face, repeat.  Just like this.

Okay, now you try!

I am happy to report that a week after bathing lessons, all the kittens are doing pretty well with keeping themselves clean!  Although that doesn’t stop Caroline from occasionally pinning them and giving them a thorough bath.

Leo finally stopped hissing and now loves pets and purrs the moment you touch him.  Sweet baby.

Cookie says “If you even THINK about letting those kittens out of the foster room, you will suffer many eyelid licks in the middle of the night.” 


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