Meet the Panthers

These are the kittens who arrived at my house a week ago!  Goodness, they are sweet bunch!  I named them in honor of the endangered Florida Panther, giving them southern Florida city names.  Let me introduce:

Palmetto (Girl)

Kendall (Girl)

Miami (Boy) (he wasn’t being cooperative for photos!)

I put the blue collar on him to make it easier to tell him and Palmetto apart!

They are about 13 weeks old and were just spayed/neutered yesterday.   Adoptions have been slow-my Spartan girls are still at Petco!  I thought they’d be snatched up in second!  So these little ones may be a round a while longer.  Caroline certainly doesn’t mind-she is bathing and mothering these kittens just like the last group!  I’m going to SO miss her help after she leaves next week!!



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4 responses to “Meet the Panthers

  1. they look so big yet so young at the same time.. so cute!

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