Henry’s New Collar

Henry and Annie are very rough on Henry’s collars.  He outgrew his first kitten collar, so I purchased a cute saddle stitch collar off Etsy for him.  It only lasted a few months.  Between him scratching it and Annie sinking her teeth into it when they wrestle, the stitching completely came apart! (Annie refuses to wear a collar, but I assume if she did, it would suffer the same fate).

Allow me to introduce you to the greatest cat collar ever-a paracord collar!  It’s made of parachute cord.  This stuff is indestructible.  And if your husband happens to have been Airborne at any point in his military career, he’ll greatly appreciate the material.  The collar must be custom sized to kitty’s neck, so I suggest waiting until they’re an adult before purchasing.  At $12 after S&H, this collar is a steal.  It also includes the absolutely necessary feature of breakaway safety hardware.  If you’d like one for your kitty (or dog! she makes those too), you can find them here.  Katie is great to work with!

Henry looks absolutely darling!  See for yourself.

(I continued his theme of red collars as a tribute to my husband’s Combat Engineer career and my career with the US Army Corps of Engineers!)


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  1. That’s a cool collar! And it looks greata on Henry!!

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