Missing Dad.

I knew my husband being gone would be hard on Annie.  She has been enamored with him since the moment she met him as a 4 week old kitten.  But today I really saw her missing him.  After I get out of the shower, she usually jumps right in, rolls around and licks all the dripping water out of the faucet.  Today she jumped in, but then she just sat there looking at me with the saddest eyes I have ever seen on a kitty.  I couldn’t even entice her to drink out of the faucet by turning it on (this would normally cause her to spaz out and start romping around and pawing the water)!  People who say cats aren’t loving are wrong.  They have relationships with their people and are happy when they get to be with them and sad when they aren’t around.  I have never been more convinced of this than I was this morning when I looked at my sweet little calico’s face.

Annie’s normal behavior in the bathtub:

Today’s pictures of her in the bathtub.  After I took the pictures, I immediately picked her up and cuddled her and told her I missed him too.

Don’t worry.  Her Uncle Mikey is coming to visit this weekend.  He’ll lift her spirits and spoil her rotten!


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