Warriors are off to the Vet

The Spartans are off to the vet today for neutering.  How did they grow up so fast??

Good morning foster mama.  Are you serving me breakfast in bed?

What??? No Breakfast??  It’s bad enough I didn’t have food in my bowl allllll night long.  Now you’re going to deprive me of breakfast?  What is the meaning of this?

Look here, lady.  If you think I’m going to let those people anywhere close enough to accomplish THAT, well then you’re just mistaken.

Lots of yummy treats afterwards, you say?  I think I can be convinced.  But don’t forget the tuna!

Yes, Leo, we get the message.  You want dinner on a silver platter after surgery tonight.  Not a problem.  Although the way this usually goes, you and your brothers will be running around like nothing has even changed.  Crazy kittens.


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