Ebony’s Scratcher

I ordered a bunch of scratchers for the kitties on Amazon last week.  You’ve already seen that the Snuggle, Scratch and Rest was a hit with CarolineEbony immediately went for the flat scratcher with elevated edges-there was a huge drool puddle by the time he decided he was finally willing to share with the other cats!  I can’t emphasize enough the importance of giving cats with claws plenty of places and different surfaces that are okay for them to scratch.  Their claws naturally shed the sheathes around them and cats need places to do that.  Scratching also releases their scent from glands in their paws onto the scratcher, making the cat feel like he’s marked his spot and he’ll be more comfortable.  This style is now part of the permanent rotation at our house!



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3 responses to “Ebony’s Scratcher

  1. We love our scratchers too! Wally likes the horizontal ones and I like the vertical ones. Our mom has them all over the house for us!


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