2 weeks ago our cat coordinator called me desperate to find a spot for a little black kitten that was in a local shelter and at the top of the list to be put to sleep.  Her name is Kenzie and she is about 5 months old.  She is 3.5 lbs and has more energy than all the other (10) cats in the house!  I had to let her out of the foster room after her diarrhea was cleared up.  She didn’t have enough space to run in the foster room and she was driving the other cats crazy!  Henry immediately befriended her and they have been wrestling nonstop ever since.  Annie is acting like a jealous girlfriend-apparently she doesn’t like sharing Henry with other cats!  And Cookie, as anyone could predict, is not a fan of an additional kitty out in the main house.

Kenzie is getting spayed tomorrow, and I will be taking her to an adoption event on Saturday.  Hopefully someone falls in love with this delicate, enthusiastic kitten!  She follows us around constantly, comes when she is called, and spends all night in bed curled up between us.  And she purrs the moment you look at her.  She will make some family VERY happy!  I think she would do great with grade school age kids who want a playful, interactive kitty.

The photos below do not do her justice.  for some reason she looks cranky in these photos-that is the opposite of her true personality!  But I can’t do a post without a photo.  I’ll share more once I get a better shot!



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3 responses to “Kenzie

  1. Sara

    She is so pretty! I love black kitties! Thank you for all you do for kitties. I hope she finds a home on Saturday! 🙂

  2. I don’t see angry, I see coy flirting.. 🙂 I hope someone snaps her right up!

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