Stripey Sweeney

The adorable Sweenster is not stripey in the traditional understanding of a “striped or tiger cat.”  But trust me.  He has stripes.  All the white parts of his fur are connected by stripes!  And in the most adorable, asymmetrical way.

Here’s his chin stripe that connects his face white to his chest and belly white!

And I was able to get his back right leg stripe that connects his belly white to his boot on his back paw.

While I haven’t been able to capture his sweet belly and the stripes that connect that belly to his mittens and boot on his other three paws, trust me, they’re there.   And as soon as I get more photos of his stripes,  I will share.

Am I the only person who find the asymmetry of his white markings absolutely endearing?  They really seem to fit his goofy, quirky personality.

I’m going to try harness/leashing training him.  He does NOT do well in cages and hates to be picked up.  This makes his a very hard cat to place at Petco (he was there for way too long over winter) and take to adoption events because people always want to be able to hold the cats.  I’m considering harness/leash training him in order to make him a more accessible, interactive cat at adoption events.  Any thoughts, suggestions?  Sweeney is a wonderful, loving, playful cat who deserves a home with another cat looking for a play buddy!


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