Buttermilk Update!

Buttermilk’s mom has been kind enough to send me updates on how the sweet, buff and white boy is doing (he was known as Henri when he was with us)!  I guess he’s settled right in like he’s always lived there 🙂  I’m so glad such a gentle, loving kitty found a family who appreciates him!  Knowing that our foster kitties make their new families as happy as they made us is exactly why we foster. It truly is rewarding!

And some photographic evidence of Buttermilk’s new lifestyle:

He cuddles with his mom at night, just as I would expect him to (he’s one of the best snugglers I’ve ever fostered!).

He’s cooperative for bath time!  I can guarantee you that when I’ve had to bathe cats in the past, I certainly would not have been able to keep them still for a photo with one hand! Apparently he just laid down in the tub while getting washed! 

And he’s apparently a milk thief!  Ha! 

Sara and family-thanks for loving this sweet boy!!


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  1. oh don’t you just love email updates!!

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