Spartans go to Camp!

My husband and I were able to take a weekend trip to Oklahoma thanks to our great friends who watched the Spartans while we were gone!  I don’t like 8 week old kittens going more than a few hours without some supervision, so our usual sitter who comes once per day wouldn’t work.  So we packed them up and dropped them off at our friends’ house on our way out of town.

Skip, their dog, promptly greeted everyone, including the kittens.   He has his own cat sisters, so he knows the rules about how to behave around kitties.

This is Skip.  Isn’t he ADORABLE?  He gives great puppy hugs and his bobbed tail is constantly “wagging.”

Leo was less than impressed.  Check out that tail floof!

We left the kittens while they were eating their dinner.  They were not at all concerned that they were in a new place.

And when we received this photo 2 hours later, it was easy to just focus on Oklahoma for the weekend!

(From top: Maron, Alphie, Leo)

Thanks friends for letting our little ones camp at your place for the weekend!  Based on how hard they slept Sunday night, they had a blast!  And we could enjoy our weekend worry-free.  Thank you!




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