Henri was Adopted Yesterday!!

I was at an adoption event yesterday at Petco for about 5 hours with Caroline and Henri. It was a long tiring day, but it was worth it because Henri found his forever home!

He went to a home with a very nice couple and their almost two year old daughter. He has two cat siblings and two Pomeranian dog siblings he will live with! They are known respectively as Tuna, Churro, Porkchop and Porkchop Junior.

An allow me to introduce the newly named Buttermilk looking handsome in his first gift from his family-a collar and tag :). He was pretty groggy-the day had taken all his energy, and I woke him up from a deep nap to take his picture and put him in a carrier!



Congratulations to Buttermilk and his new family!



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3 responses to “Henri was Adopted Yesterday!!

  1. Sara Brown

    Buttermilk snuggled all night in bed♡ he is adjusting well to his new siblings and surroundings:) Thanks for such a special boy

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