Spartan Bath Lessons

Caroline’s first order of business when the Spartans arrived was to get them cleaned up.  When she met resistance (like I’m sure most cat mamas do), she decided to simply give a bathing lesson to the kittens!

Hello Maron!  Let’s get all that formula/kitten food off your face.

No WAY lady!  Back off!

Hmmm….how am I going to get this little guy clean…

See, you lick your paw, rub your face, repeat.  Just like this.

Okay, now you try!

I am happy to report that a week after bathing lessons, all the kittens are doing pretty well with keeping themselves clean!  Although that doesn’t stop Caroline from occasionally pinning them and giving them a thorough bath.

Leo finally stopped hissing and now loves pets and purrs the moment you touch him.  Sweet baby.

Cookie says “If you even THINK about letting those kittens out of the foster room, you will suffer many eyelid licks in the middle of the night.” 



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