Caroline’s Surgery: Part 2

8 hours after Caroline’s surgery began, I finally received the phone call to let me know that she was waking up from anesthesia.  I was relieved to finally hear from the hospital, but my relief quickly faded once the student mentioned that the surgery did not quite go as expected.

In addition to the oral fistula in her soft palate, the doctor found a split in the soft palate even farther back.  This meant twice as much stitching and swelling much closer to her throat.  Caroline had been put into ICU in order to monitor her breathing closely-she was in the oxygen cage due to low oxygen levels.  She also made gurgling sounds every time she took a breath.  She was not up for a visit that night.  And even the next day, the doctor advised against a visit in order to keep her in the oxygen cage at all times.  To say I was worried is an understatement.

I received a text from a fellow RCHS member who works at the KState hospital about 24 hours after surgery.  She reported that Caroline was purring and kneading and didn’t seem to be in too much pain.  She was kind enough to send a photo in order to reassure me that Caroline was okay!

Caroline was unable to close her mouth due to swelling.  The doctor also added an additional antibiotic based on the amount of congestion and snot coming out of Caroline’s nose.  The poor thing was just pathetic.  I was finally able to visit her on Friday, 60 hours after surgery, the original day that the doctor had planned to release Caroline from the hospital.  Needless to say, based on her infection and swelling, she ended up staying in the hospital through Sunday.  When Caroline came home, that’s when things really got stressful.

If you missed Part 1, you can read it here.



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