Caroline’s Surgery: Part 1

I last left off with Caroline’s story when she had just been scheduled for surgery on  May 25th to graft tissue onto her soft palate in order to close the oral fistula the doctors had identified during a previous examination.  Unfortunately, she became very ill with another URI the week before the scheduled surgery.  The doctor agreed that it was not appropriate to operate on her while she was sick.  He prescribed antibiotics and rescheduled her for the next week (May 2nd).  Unfortunately the first antibiotic did not work, so 4 days before surgery, we began a new one.  My fingers were crossed that it would do the trick.

Caroline went into the hospital the day before surgery for her pre-op work.  The doctor determined she was healthy enough for surgery and they would proceed as planned.  Waiting for the phone call the next day to tell me she was out of surgery was torture!  I was so worried about how she would do under anesthesia given that she’s an older cat (estimated between 9-12 years old).

I finally got a call at 3pm (she started surgery at 8am).  Caroline was starting to wake up from the anesthesia.  She seemed to have tolerated the anesthesia.  Phew!

But the surgery was more extensive than originally anticipated….



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