The Current Cats

Just to keep you all up to speed, here’s the current crew:

Maverick, Sweeney and Caroline.

and Henri.

For those of you following closely, yes, Henri was already here and was adopted.  He was returned to us last week.  Honestly, the family who adopted him was not a good match.  Henri is easily frightened by unexpected noises.  The family who adopted him had 2 young, active boys.  They said when everything was very quiet and no one moved, he was cuddly and wonderful.  But like any house with young kids, very rarely are there quiet moments.  So he’s back at our house looking for the right family!

These 4 kitties we have right now are so sweet.  They all greet me at the door and hang out on the bed with me like you see in the photos.  Based on how they behave with each other, they would all do well in a house with other cats.  Henry and Annie are also frequent visitors to the foster room with no objections from the fosters.  I love this group.


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