Romeo and his brother Maverick were taken to the local shelter 2 weeks ago by their owner.   8 year old declawed boys.  The shelter called us saying how incredibly nice they were and wanted to know if we would take them.  Although my foster room is pretty full, I couldn’t say no to these boys.  I have a soft spot in my heart for the older kitties.

Meet Romeo.  He isn’t a huge fan of other cats and seems to bully his brother.  His brother, Maverick, has started excessively grooming and has removed fur from his belly/legs.  The vet firmly believes it is a behavioral issue, not infection or allery issue.  We decided to separate the two to see how they did.  Romeo went to Petsmart in Topeka on Friday.  We visited him yesterday evening and he seems to be doing great!  His brother also seems to be thriving after being separated from Romeo.  I was nervous to separate them and felt guilty, but it really seems to be helping out Maverick, andRomeo is unphased.  I’ll share pictures of Maverick tomorrow.  For today, enjoy Romeo.  He loves people and neck rubs!



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