Handsome Sweeney

Remember Sweeney who I introduced last week?

I got a few more pictures of him that show off his gorgeous belly.  He’s turning into a very affectionate boy.  He is SO playful.  And so loving to all the other kitties.  He’s the perfect cat if you want a kitty who wants to be with people, but doesn’t want to sit on their lap and cuddle.  He prefers to be near enough for pets and belly rubs, but not suffocate you.  He plays with every single toy in the cat room.  He has the cutest little jog.  I seriously don’t know why he sat at Petsmart and Petco for so long.  To all those people who passed him over–you missed out!

Check out those stripes that wrap around his back legs!  His front legs have a matching set! (he’s also giving me the stink eye because I stopped rubbing his belly to take these photos)

I actually took these photos last week.  He’s looking slightly less…….portly now that’s he’s getting some exercise.  I hope we can find him his forever home without him having to go back in cage!



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