No Hope for the Orange Trees

Remember how we moved our orange trees onto our patio because Anne Purrleyn was using them as her litter box?

Well, with the beautiful weather we’ve been having, we’ve started letting the kitties out onto our back porch.

And Henry has decided that the tree limbs are a delicious snack.

We might as well just face facts and throw away the trees.  Sigh.

Hard to believe this is the same kitty we started fostering 6 months ago.  He’s getting so big!



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3 responses to “No Hope for the Orange Trees

  1. Kate

    He’s so big. I didn’t recognize him. How’s Miz Caroline and Cookie Monster? Are they healing?

    • thanks for asking!! Cookie’s chin is all healed, with a tiny bald spot I think is permanent. Caroline has a nasty upper repiratory infection again. I will do a more thorough post on her condition later this week!

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