Kittens Holding Paws

I knew before I started fostering that it was good for a pet to have another pet as a buddy.  But I don’t think I fully embraced and understood adopting in pairs until we added Annie and Henry to our family.  We can’t decide if they have a brother/sister relationship or boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, but whatever it is, it seems to work for them.  They are always within 20 feet of each other.  They clean each other’s ears.  They explore boxes together.  They take turns chasing the laser pointer and Da Bird.   They are the most charming little pair.  They even hold paws.

I highly encourage anyone considering adopting a kitten-adopt a pair!  It really is not more work than 1 cat, and they will keep each other entertained all day while you’re at work.  And kittens tend to be very energetic-this energy can lead to destructive behavior if a kitten is bored.  With another kitten around, they will both be busy with each other, and less inclined to ruin your house!  Don’t you want your kitty to have a best friend who they get to live with every single day??

Annie + Henry = BFF


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