Come and Gone

I have been a terrible blogger lately.  But!  I have not been a bad foster.  We had a brother and a sister pair for the past few weeks who needed to be socialized before they could be adopted.  They came from a colony of 18 cats outside of someone’s home.  They are very gentle, sweet cats.  About 8 months old.  Meet Henri and Sophia.  (They were named by rescue who originally took them.  Henri is pronounced with a french accent “on-ree”).



(Is anyone else a sucker for the mittens and knee socks??)

Sophia went to Petco about a week ahead of Henri because he came down with a nasty eye infection.  Sophia was adopted within 2 days of arriving there! 

Henri went to Petco on Friday and is still awaiting adoption.  He and Caroline bonded after Sophia went to Petco.  He is great with other kitties!  I’ll let you know when he’s adopted!



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