Cookie seems to be better (Finally).

It has been a rough two and a half weeks for the Cookie Monster.

Let’s just go through a quick Cookie health history.  She’s the healthiest cat on the planet.  She doesn’t even spit up hair balls.  I always tease my husband that she’s going to live forever.

Then she has the nerve to go and get feline acne this month.

And I, foolishly, thought “no biggie, squirt Clavamox in her mouth 2x a day for 2 weeks and she’ll be all clear.  She constantly wants snuggles, this will be easy.”

Friends, this process was anything but easy.  It turns out Miss Monster is a HIDER when she is sick.  And she cannot be bribed out of her hiding spots for ANYTHING.  Jimmy John’s Slim #1 worked once, but I think that was a fluke.  She really just wanted to know why we were at home during the day (it was Saturday).

She also picks places where we can’t reach her.  She’s a smart kitty.

And when we DID catch her and medicate her, you would think she had been sent to the gallows and was fighting every step of the way.  She would spit and foam the medicine out of her mouth.  Make the most hideous sounds.  And run like the wind when we let her go.  It was most definitely a 2 person job, not even a towel burrito could hold her.  My sweet, snuggly kitty who normally practically suffocates me with her affection had turned into a violent hermit.

I called the vet to see if there was an antibiotic that only needed to be administered once a day since that’s what we had been averaging over the week we tried to medicate her.  She happily worked with us, and I picked up another $40 prescription medicine after work.

And then Cookie started disappearing for DAYS at a time.  We even tried locking her in our room at night (we could see her hiding under the bed) so that we were guaranteed in the morning that she would beg to be let out to use the litterbox (this had happened occasionally in the past and she is a VERY reliable litter box user) and then we could grab her and squirt medicine down her throat.  Yeah, she refused to come out from  under the bed.  REFUSED.  And she knew she could wait us out because we had to go to work.

I knew things were getting worse for her because we were finding blood on our comforter, and I could hear her cry when she would scratch her chin.  Keep in mind that Cookie has zero claws on her front and back feet so she was drawing blood just from rubbing her chin raw.

To say I was upset barely covers it.  Cookie was getting really sick, and I wasn’t even able to pet her!  I literally did not sleep for a few nights hoping she would sneak out from under bed and cuddle with me, and I could ambush her with the syringe.  No  luck.  On the fourth day she didn’t get any medicine, one of the Humane Society volunteers stopped by to give Caroline sub-q fluids (another story for another day) and I told her all about it and how worried I was.  She immediately said “Did you try the Convenia shot?  Does the vet think it would work for what she has?”  The existence of an antibiotic shot that would last 7 days was unknown to me, and I couldn’t wait to call vet in morning and see what she thought.

We spoke the next morning and she agreed it was worth trying since I wasn’t able to administer anything at this point.  I said I would bring her in as soon as I could catch her.  Luckily, after work I found Cookie in an old spot that is fairly accessible.  I didn’t even greet her.  I just grabbed her, shoved her in the carrier and got her out to the car.  There was no way she was going to escape from  me!  The vet visit was pretty brutal for the Monster.  They scrubbed her chin to the point of lots of bleeding so they could empty all the pus pockets.  I felt so bad for Cookie.  She got her Convenia shot and an anti-inflammatory shot on Monday evening.  We went through the McDonald’s Drive-thru so I could get her some ice cream (a favorite of hers).  She wouldn’t touch it.  She was such a mess.  I got her home and let her out of her carrier and didn’t see her the rest of the night.

But guess who was waiting for breakfast the next day?  Something she hadn’t done in over 2 weeks!  I figured that was her Valentine’s Day gift to me and it was a fluke.  I was excited, but tried to be cautious since things were so unpredictable with her.  But I am happy to report that she has come out for breakfast every morning since (okay I realize it’s only 3 mornings in a row for breakfast, but she hasn’t done it in WEEKS.  So I’m going to be happy about it.).  She even came upstairs and hung out on our bed this morning while I was getting ready and wanted pets!!  I was 15 minutes late to work because my kitty wanted affection.  No shame.  I was even able to touch her very scabby chin without her freaking out or even seeming to be in pain.  I think she’s officially on the road to recovery!  She has a 7am appointment on  Tuesday for another shot.  Hopefully that will be her final dose!

The best part of all this?  As of this morning Cookie is back to rebuffing Annie’s attempts at friendship.  The comedy routine has returned!

Thanks for reading all this (if you made it this far, I’m impressed).  If you have a kitty who is very hard to medicate, I suggest asking your vet about the Convenia shot.  It saved our household SO much stress and looks like it is actually going to heal Cookie’s chin.  Hooray!



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2 responses to “Cookie seems to be better (Finally).

  1. Sara

    Oh poor Cookie. We have been through the struggles of medicating one of our kitties. She survived congestive heart failure and has daily meds. We now use pill pockets to administer her meds and it has been a blessing! We used to chase her around the house and now she just eats her pills in her treats. I’m so glad Cookie is feeling better!

  2. Kate Allen

    Poor, poor Cookie Monster. I’m so glad to hear she’s feeling better. My kitty is not a fan of taking pills either. I will remember about the Convenia shot. Thanks for the info.

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