Laser Tag

Henry is ALWAYS up for a game with the laser pointer.  Annie usually joins in, but she is not quite as enthusiastic as the Crank.  See photos below.

And they’re spent.  Break time.

Lookie, lookie.  Someone decided to see what the kittens were up to. (top left corner)

Kittens start to follow red dot up the stairs.

Cookie moves a little closer to observe.

As they move up the stairs, Cookie makes a break for it to come seek my affection.

Even when she makes it over to me, she is still on alert for a kitten ambush.

And the kittens head back down the stairs.

Kittens get within 5 feet of Cookie.  Cookie freaks out.

Annie watches Cookie storm off.

Oh Cookie.  The kittens aren’t THAT bad!


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