Dexter Update!

I’ve received email updates from Dexter’s (previously Desmond) new mom.  He’s doing great!  Within 2 days he was eating treats out of her hand, something he NEVER did with me!  And while initially his new brother Baxter was skeptical and growly, they’ve started playing pawsies under the door (Dexter is still in a separate room, to help his transition to new home and not overwhelm Baxter), and Baxter’s visits into Dexter’s isolation room now involve some playing!  Dexter will get full house access soon!  I’m so glad the new family loves Dexter and that Baxter is warming up to the newcomer!  I can’t begin to express how happy I am that Dexter found his perfect forever family.

Below are a few photos I took shortly before Dexter left our home.  Enjoy!

(They were being stinkers, so this was the only decent last pic I could get of buddies Dexter and Henry)

And for every great kitty picture I take with my new (fantastic) camera, I get about 3 like this:

(Henry was grooming like that FOREVER.  Hence why I got no decent pics of him and Dexter before Dexter left.  Boys.  So uncooperative.)



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