Bad Pet Parent.

Have you ever heard of Feline Acne?  No?  Yeah, me neither.

Until I took Cookie to the vet last night because her chin was bleeding and nasty, and I figured it got infected somehow.

Turns out that part of the problem could be that her dry food was in the cutest plastic food bowl.  It was a gift from my sisters to her back when it was just the two of us.  And on it was my alma mater’s logo and it said “Top Cat.”  But no matter how cute it is, I’m going to have to take it away from her.  And she’s going to give me her angry face.  Even if I get her a really cute ceramic or stainless steel bowl to replace it.  I guess that’s why they say it’s hard to be a pet parent.  (Okay, fine no one has ever said that to me, but you get my point).

In case you’re curious, feline acne looks like this:

Poor baby.  She’s now on 2 weeks of antibiotics and a couple of days of inflammatories.

Annie wisely advised us not to mention to Cookie that I put the above photo on the internet.  She’s kind of a vain lady and wouldn’t appreciate knowing that I publicized her ugliest moment to date on the internet for all to see.  If she finds out, she might just suffocate us in our sleep.  So if you could help us keep the secret too, that’d be great.  Thanks!


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