C & D: Foster Update

Desmond went back into the foster room with Caroline on Tuesday.  Initially they weren’t pleased to see each other, but they’re warming up.  Desmond was rubbing up against Caroline and giving her head butts last night!  She wasn’t thrilled, but she tolerated it for about 15 seconds.

Caroline’s URI is slowly going away.  She’s going to take 2 more weeks of antibiotics to see if that will finally clear it up.  Otherwise, she gets a nightly brush with our Long-Hair Furminator (I can’t recommend this brush enough), and her coat is starting to look really gorgeous.  Her bowel movements are regular (not as often as the vet would like, but she’s just happy that Caroline is regular).  I imagine that as soon as the URI is clear, she’ll be ready for adoption!  She might take a while to adopt because she will qualify as a “special needs” cat.  But I have a feeling the right family won’t be able to resist her sweet personality and will be more than happy to give her the care and love she requires!

Desmond has turned into a complete love bug.  He cries for neck scratches and follows me around.  He’s made so much social progress since he first came to our house in October!  He wouldn’t even make eye contact with me for the first few weeks at our house.  And he is the softest kitty I have ever met.  His fur is amazingly silky, and he barely seems to shed.  Even the Furminator didn’t seem to pull off much hair!

That’s the foster update.  Caroline is still working on being healthy for adoption, and Des is ready to go as soon as his family finds him!


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