Persistence Pays Off.

At least it did for Annie.

I woke up this morning to find that she had conquered the Cookie Monster while Cookie was snuggled with me in bed.

I didn’t have my glasses on yet, and I’m practically blind without them.  I used a different camera angle on phone to double check that my eyes weren’t deceiving me.

OH yeah.  That’s definitely my little calico on my big calico.

See that pride on Annie’s face?  She thinks she’s broken the Monster.

Now she’s jut gloating and smiling at me to confirm her victory.

Shortly after these photos were taken, Cookie realized that it was Annie on top of her, not my arm.  She quickly hissed and fled as soon as she realized what was going on!!  So Annie still has some work to do before Cookie will consciously tolerate her presence, but making contact is a great start!  Go Annie!  We’re all rooting for you to turn Cookie into your friend!


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