Could Have Lived a Full Life Without Ever

……… a cat an enema.

But it had been 3 days since our poor Caroline had done her business.  On Saturday the vet specifically sent me home with several enemas in case this situation arose.

So my husband and I did what any good foster would do.  We held her down and gave her the treatment appropriately.

And 5 minutes later Caroline was in her litter box taking care of business.

We all breathed a sigh of relief.

Let’s hope her new diet and stool softeners help to keep her regular after this incident.  It is one that none of us want to repeat.  But certainly will if necessary.

Thanks for being such a good sport, Caroline.  And still being our friend afterwards.

I’m always amazed that my father’s patients seem to LIKE him.  He’s a gastroenterologist and if you know anything about that profession, you KNOW those doctors usually are not the ones who do polite procedures on you.   I guess cats don’t mind people who do similarly impolite procedures on them.  At least Caroline doesn’t mind them.

She’s such a nice kitty.  I want her to go to an equally kind home when we’ve got her cured of her respiratory infection.  She deserves and extra special family.


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