Since you last heard from me 2 weeks ago

The following has occurred:

Liberty & JusticeAdopted Together!!  I’m so glad these sweet black brothers were adopted together!  They were found when they were just 2 days old by construction workers in equipment on the hottest day of the year.  At the END of their work shift.  It’s amazing these boys even survived!  And now they have their happy beginning 🙂

GogurtAdopted!!  He’s got a 2 year old who I’m sure will shower him with all the hugs and kisses he deserves!

Gracin is at Petco ready to find his forever home.

Lucille and Desmond

They are back at our house for R&R.  They needed a break from Petco.  Being in the cage for 3 weeks stressed them out to the point that they were clawing and hissing (COMPLETELY unlike their normal selves).  They may go back to Petco or up to Petsmart in Topeka.  In Petco in Manhattan, the only way to really interact with kitties is to hold them because the cages are right by front door and open up into store.  At Petsmart in Topeka, the cages are contained in a small room where cats can get out of their cages and interact more with potential adopters.  I think going to Topeka will fit better with Lucille and Desmond’s personalities.  They HATE being picked up.  The more people picked them up at Petco, the more upset they got.  When we place them again at a store for adoption, I’ll let you know how they do.  For now, they’re back up to their usual antics, running around the room and asking for neck rubs (they only ignored me for a few days, just to make sure I knew how mad they were at me for taking them to Petco.  I am a firm believer that cats DO hold grudges).


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