I woke up this morning and walked out of my bedroom past C0okie who looked more annoyed than usual.  As soon as I stepped out of my room, I knew something was wrong.  Very wrong.

The door to the room where we keep the foster cats was WIDE OPEN.

For just a little background, you have to understand that we live in an old home (early 1900’s) with original hardware in most of the doors.  So quite a few don’t latch properly, including the one where we keep foster cats.  Being an engineer, I took it upon  myself to create a system that would hold the door shut so that no kittens could enter or leave the room.  It involved a ribbon and hair tie (very high tech).   I’ll post a photo of it soon.  But trust me, it’s a good system.

But somehow in the hour between my husband leaving for work and me waking up, it failed.

I had 4 kittens with mites running through my house and 3 resident cats now  exposed.  Great.

With the help of Cookie who chased each cat down and hissed at him to make sure he knew she was boss, I got all 4 boys back in the foster room 30 minutes later.

Next up, figuring out who let the cats out!!  I held an interrogation and conviction all in the time before I left for work.  I’ll share the results with you in my next blog post.  It will involve photos.

But for now, let’s just be glad I’ve got this grouchy girl to help me round up loose foster cats.  We’ll call her my Sheriff.



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3 responses to “JAILBREAK!

  1. Kate Allen

    What were the results of your interrogation? Did Cookie Monster let them out to frame them?

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