Annie and Cookie Sittin’ in a tree.

Since our two newest babies, Henry and Annie, have claws, we decided to get a cat tree to distract them from scratching our furniture.  We thought it might also get them out of some of Cookie’s favorite spots.  But guess who was the first kitty I caught on the tree?

That’s right.  The Monster.

She  got up.  Looked around.

Climbed up higher.

And was quickly followed by Anne Purrleyn.

Cookie thinks to herself “Ugh, this kitten won’t leave me alone!!!”

Annie climbs into the little house and wonders “When will she finally be my friend??”

Annie then peeks out and gives me a grin that says, “Don’t worry, I’ll win her over eventually.”

Annie-pants, don’t hold your breath.  Cookie is a stubborn girl who doesn’t like cats.  But I look forward to watching you try!  I love your spirit 🙂




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