Anne Purrleyn is Not an Accessories Girl

When we finally decided to adopt Annie P., we adorned her with an adorable magenta collar.  Within a day, she had popped it off.  We found it and put it back on her.  When we left for Thanksgiving, she had it on.  When we came back it was nowhere to be found.  So we decided to get another brand of collar with perhaps a slightly stronger breakaway buckle.  Enter pink camo collar in honor of her boyfriend (also known as my husband).

She saw the collar.

She thought about running away.

And then she decided to just sit and shake her head in protest.

We’ll see if her collar is still on when we get home from work tonight…..I just ordered ID tags for her and Henry, so I’m sure she’ll hate the collar even more when she’s got that dangling from it.  But I’d rather have them annoyed with a tag than have them (God forbid) escape the house with no identification!



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3 responses to “Anne Purrleyn is Not an Accessories Girl

  1. LOL

    I had a cat, who was smarter than most humans, who also managed some pretty amazing Houdini-like tricks to get out of her collar. We finally gave up, it was getting too expensive to replace them. :-p

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