How the cats survived Thanksgiving

The kitties who spent Thanksgiving at our house were the residents (Cookie, Henry and Annie) and our fosters, Lucille and Desmond.

I know what you’re thinking-wasn’t Lucille at Petco?  You’re absolutely right.  She was.  But she sat there and watched 3 of her kitten buddies get adopted.  I tried to get Desmond over there on Wednesday night but he was absolutely NOT having it.  Full fledged cat meltdown when I tried to put him in the carrier.  So instead of leaving Lucille all by herself for Thanksgiving, I brought her home to Desmond, where they can both wait until he’s ready for Petco.  At this point they have free roam of the house.

My husband and I were in Miami visiting his family from Thursday through Sunday so I had a catsitter visit all the cats every day.  She reported that she saw every cat each day (I’m surprised-Desmond is a hider).  And when we arrived home from the airport, it appeared all kitties were still healthy!  Only some magazines and papers knocked to the floor.

Lucille is as loving as always.

Desmond is fascinated by water and everything in the bathroom.

Annie and Henry are best of friends.

And Cookie……

She’s less than pleased.  Poor kitty.  We’ll get Lucille and Desmond adopted ASAP. That should help ease her stress.  At least I hope so.


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