The Hold Outs

The remaining hold-outs at our house are:


And Electa

(Elizabeth-that beautiful girl on the right is at Petco with her sister Eunice and Lucille)

I dropped off Elizabeth at Petco last night and put her in the cage with Eunice and Lucille.  Within 10 minutes I had a family interested in adopting Elizabeth and Eunice together!  We’ll see if it works out.  Once a kitten is adopted from the cage, I’ll move Desmond there.  I really hope he does okay at Petco.  He’s still quite the scaredy cat.  He needs to find his forever home soon.  The faster he gets there, the easier the transition will be.  If he and Lucille went together, that would be perfect. 

Electa was spayed on Saturday, so I’m going to wait at least a few days before I take her to Petco.  If I take her to Petco……

And in case you’re wondering about Henry, he’s making himself RIGHT at home.

Sleeping in our bed.

Visiting his buddies in the kitten room.

Waiting on the stairs (VERY well camouflaged) to ambush us when we walk down them.


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One response to “The Hold Outs

  1. Sara

    He’s adorable! What a sweet face peaking on the stairs!

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