Where did Henry go?

I promised an update on Henry yesterday, and here it is…..






We officially adopted him on Sunday!!

After 2 adoption events and minimal interest in him, I realized just how attached we really were to Henry.  On Sunday night we had him loaded in the carrier with Lucille and Alida to go to Petco.  And neither of us could get ourselves to walk out the door.  We discussed adopting him (for probably the 20th time since he’s been at our house) and finally decided to take the plunge.  The biggest reason we adopted Henry, besides the fact that he’s charming and loving?  He isn’t bothered by Cookie.  He leaves her alone and does his own thing.  He isn’t trying to be friends with her and isn’t scared of her.  She has definitely pawsmacked him SEVERAL times and hissed a ton, but he is absolutely unphased.   His pure denial of Cookie’s aggression, without being aggressive or scared himself is unique.  We adore his personality and are so glad to now call him part of our family!

Now, the tricky part.  We need to give him a new name.  My husband is set on an Army Engineer related name including but not limited to: Sapper, Essayons, Castle, and Francois de Fleury.  I am not cracked up about any of these options.  Any ideas??

Below are a few pictures of Henry from his first two days as an official family member 🙂  He’s got a red kitten collar (and, yes, it has glitter.  it’s the only kitten sized red one I could find-red for Army Engineers.  He’ll get a more boyish adult sized collar when he’s bigger).


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11 responses to “Where did Henry go?

  1. Thomas suggests Claymore, Buffalo (route clearance equipment), Cougar (route clearance equipment), Dozer, Emily suggests Camaro (even though this technically has nothing to do with Army Engineers). She also likes “Sam”. Thomas also suggests Riley.

  2. Casey

    Riley is really cute….and when you PCS it will be special! it’s also a good pet name, so people won’t think you two are weird 🙂

  3. oh my gosh mary, he’s so handsome! i love this post! and i still am wishing i could adopt your little gray tabby with the white bib. i want her so badly. you’re just going to have to keep fostering for another year when i can adopt one! also, i saw the post before mine was by another Brooke and as i looked at it in my head i said, “i never commented on this one. i hadn’t read it yet! i’m so confused.” haha. awesome.

    • As long as we’re in Kansas, we’ll be fostering. No promises how long that will be though! I would love for you to adopt one of my kitties! Eunice is having visitors at Petco tonight, so she’ll probably have a good home soon 🙂

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