Henry’s STILL Hungry.

I took kittens to Petco on both Saturday and Sunday for adoption events.  Henry went on Sunday.  And kept his face in the food bowl for a significant amount of time while he was there.

He really knows how to work a crowd.  Who doesn’t want to watch a kitten eat all day?  Apparently the answer is no one at Petco on Sunday since nobody even asked to hold him!

Henry.  Buddy.  Gotta keep your face out of the bowl.  You’re making it look like I never feed you.  Which both myself and your potbelly know is a lie.  Your next chance is this Saturday in Topeka.  Make me proud and show off your sweet little flat face!  (the one that constantly has gunk on the right side under your eye from what we suspect is a plugged tear duct since we’ve tried lots of eye ointments and drops on you already!)

I love this special little guy.


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