The Magic Weight-Almost Across the Finish Line

67% of the Leavenworth kittens (ie: 4 kittens) have reached the magical 2 pound mark and the other two only have a few ounces to go.  Which means that within the next two weeks they’ll be spayed/neutered and out the door to find their forever families.   This litter and I have had so much fun!!  I’ll try to get better pics of them in these last few days, but here are a few to enjoy.

See?  We have fun!  They climb on me and make a huge pile.  It’s a very good time, I promise you.

And then sometimes a few of them will snuggle with me.  These are the three most likely suspects, Electa, Henry and Elizabeth.

Eunice really enjoyed checking herself out on the iPhone screen as I was taking her picture.  You can see Harriet in background trying to get one of the calicos to play with her.

Alida.  She is…..a rascal.  And never ceases to entertain me.

And for those of you following Henry the Crank, he went to the vet last night because I could tell he had something going on (he whistled/wheezed every time he breathed).  He’s now on antibiotics that should kick out whatever has plagued his nose/sinuses.  Poor kitty, I can totally relate to that feeling.  And he’s got eye ointment I have to put on his eyes (EYES not eyelids) twice a day.  We’re both traumatized.  But hopefully it will clear up all that gunk you always see on his sweet orange face!



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