Friday Faces

The only problem with these foster kittens-I never want to leave them!  They make it very hard to leave the house and go to work.

Eunice!  It’s hard to say who would win an eating competition, her or Henry.  They’re both pretty impressive.

Speaking of Henry, I took several shots of him this morning since he was left out of yesterday’s post where all his sisters made an appearance.

Things to note: the whiskers on this kitten!  So long!!  The eye crusties-I SWEAR I try to clean his face every day.  But they just keep coming back.  Makes him look unkempt.  But I promise he receives lots of love and attention, even if his dirty face says otherwise!

Alida was getting jealous of all the attention Henry was receiving.  The following attack ensued:

And on another note, Miss Electa is maintaining her weight (hooray!!).  I’ve found food that she likes and am also using a dietary supplement to make sure she’s getting enough calories.  She’s headed in the right direction!

Have a great weekend!




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