Electa and Her Crush.

See that sweet calico face?

Yes, the one sitting on my husband’s back.  She’s been under the weather since Saturday.  Losing weight and refusing to eat (I got a little in her yesterday, so we’re making progress!)

If she wasn’t feeling so lousy, I’d accuse her of putting moves on my man.

She immediately runs to him for attention when he’s in the room, and is now seeking comfort since she is sick.  If I didn’t know better, I’d say she has a crush on him (like most kittens seem to-it’s so unfair!  They never are quite as drawn to me as they are to him and he practically ignores them!)

Feel better soon, Electa!


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  6. Kit has a very similar crush on my husband. Isn’t it so sweet that we have cat loving men and cats that love them?

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