Henry the Crank

I was so worried about Henry for the first few days he was at our house.  He would sit by himself and just let out this cranky little meow until one of us would hold him.  He didn’t have any interest in other kittens while the other kittens happily romped around with each other.  We lovingly nicknamed him “The Crank” because of his incessant fog-horn like meow and refusal to play.  I don’t mind a kitten who prefers to be held and snuggled at all times (which is what he loves-he purrs constantly when he’s held), but I knew something wasn’t right if the other 5 were actively engaged with each other.

I consulted with our coordinator who reassured me that Henry was fine, he jut needed to be socialized.  He was found outside, which means his mama was probably feral.  Feral kittens don’t know how to play because their whole lives are spent hunting and fighting.  She said I should just keep watching him and once he starts playing, I’ll know we’ve turned the corner.

Guess what?  Henry started playing this weekend!  He still will spend time by himself and wants to be held, but he also spends a little time chasing one of the other kittens and will bat at a few of the toys.  With a little more love and time at our house, I hope this little guy becomes the happy cuddlebug he seems like he could be!



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