Eunice Leavenworth

Miss Eunice Leavenworth.  When she arrived a week ago, she was the smallest kitten with the biggest appetite!  She was (and still is) constantly going back to the food bowl after all the other kittens have lost interest and are snuggling with me or playing with each other.  She’s the tabby with white paws.  And she is absolutely adorable.

In other news, Marie was adopted last week!  That means every single kitten in my first foster litter, the Lafluffyettes, has a forever home.  Hooray!  And from what the Human Society coordinator tells me, they all ended up with perfect matches for their personalities.  It is very helpful to have such great news during a very sad time at our house.  I’m so glad I’m fostering these little guys.  It keeps me busy and is a joy to watch them grow and learn!

I’ve still got 2 more kittens from the litter to introduce.  You’ll have another one tomorrow!




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