Waiting to hear

about our sweet Mirabelle.

I came home from work last night to find her on the floor struggling to breathe.  I took her straight to our vet, who took xrays and determined that she didn’t know what was going on and that I needed to take her to Kansas State Vet Hospital just down the road.  My husband and I were at KState until 9pm last night.  They did some testing but nothing was actually figured out last night.  Only possibilities.  Congestive Heart Failure, Cancer, Asthma.  They kept her in the ICU, and I’m still waiting to hear back this morning about her progress.  I hate when my kitties are sick, and I hate it even more when Mirabelle is sick.  She’s 15.  “Geriatric” in cat years.  I just hope the news I get this morning is a definitive answer and is something that can be treated and fixed.  I’ll keep you posted.


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