The Leavenworth Litter

They’ve got a names!  This is the Leavenworth Litter-inspired by the orange kitten’s hometown.  Yep, he traveled 2 hours for our Humane Society to take care of him!  I’ll introduce each kitten in upcoming posts!  For those of you keeping track, the orange kitten is the one boy of the litter, and the girls are 2 tabbies, 2 calicoes, and 1 black and white kitten.  This is a sweet group.  Can’t wait for you to meet each of them!

Another thought-I completely understand now why kittens have to be at least 8 weeks old for adoption.  These 4 week old kittens are unsure on their feet, need food made of formula and soft food, can’t clean themselves which means we get to bathe them with washcloths after they walk through their food and make a mess in the litter box, and they are super clingy.  The average person looking to adopt a kitten is definitely not up for as much work as these guys require.  They’ll be much more fun once they start playing with toys and eating hard food and can clean themselves!  Not that I love them any less because of all those things, but it’s just something to keep in mind when considering kittens of a certain age to adopt!




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2 responses to “The Leavenworth Litter

  1. Could they be any cuter? Love the orange boy kitty!

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