Catching up and a new litter!

Hello, friends.

I want to get you all up to speed!

Our house was cleared of kittens on Thursday night so that we could head out of town.  Liberty and Justice are back with their original foster family.  Horatio got adopted over the weekend (HOORAY), and Marie is now at Petco waiting for someone to come and adopt her.

We arrived home Monday night and received six kittens.

Yes.  SIX.  6.

5 girls and 1 boy.

They’re teensy!  4 weeks.  They just finished bottle feeding, so I’m mixing formula with their soft food.  I was not prepared for how MESSY kittens are at this age.  Looks like I’m going to have to give them a dreaded (for all of us) bath.

Here’s the best photo I have for now.  I’ll introduce each of them as soon as we’ve got some names!


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One response to “Catching up and a new litter!

  1. sarah peck

    Hi Mary, So cute! Did Emily tell you she was very instrumental in finding two kittens for me/us before she left Michigan this summer? Calvin is on my lap now; brother Hobbes is curled up on our bed. Love those kitties Hope all is well with the newlyweds. Sarah

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