Old Ladies

Cookie and Mirabelle wanted to say hello and show you their favorite activities.

Cookie waits for me like this every single night.  Once I get in bed, she finds a comfortable spot next to or on top of me.  She will stay snuggled in that spot the entire time I sleep.  Trust me when I say that there is no such thing as too much snuggling in Cookie’s world.

Mirabelle inspects every single box that comes through our home.  This one was a favorite because we left the packing paper inside.  She created her own little next and was quite happy.

That’s what the big girls are up to these days!  They officially despise the kittens so the kittens remain quarantined in a bedroom.   The big girls maintain some sort of normalcy throughout the rest of the house.  My dream of them being friends with each other or even new kittens is definitely not going to come true!


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