Last Lafluffyette

This weekend we took all three Lafluffyettes to the vet for their rabies shots on the way to Petco where they’ll be “on display” for adoption.  Unfortunately, Miss Marie was running a fever and had a runny nose, so she’ll be at our house for another week receiving antibiotics.  George and Horatio bravely went on without her, and they are keeping each other company in their cage at Petco.  George already had an adoption form filled out within 24 hours!  Hopefully the adoption works out, and Horatio has someone apply for him soon!  We were pretty confident George would get adopted quickly because he’s SO outgoing.  Horatio is much more shy.  I hope someone sees him for the sweet snuggly lover cat he is and takes him home!!

Here are a few shots I took of Marie last week in her favorite crouched pose:

I’ll keep you updated on how the two boys at Petco are doing!  We live about 5 blocks from Petco, so I’ll definitely stop by for a few minutes every night and have an update.


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  1. Those kitties are so cute. They will have no problem getting adopted.

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