Meet Liberty and Justice.  The two black streaks I posted photos of last week.

They’re 7 weeks old and came to us from another foster home.  Their foster parents had 2 weeks to move homes, so we took them in the meantime to lighten the load on their foster parents.

Justice is on the left in this photo.  You can tell them apart because Liberty is jet black, whereas Justice has white tips at the ends of his black hair.  He almost looks dusty.

I was hesitant to take on another litter at the same time as the Lafluffyettes, but I am SO glad that we did.  These two are active and playful and managed to bring the scaredy Lafluffyettes (Horatio and Marie) out of their shells.  In spite of being half the size of the other kittens, these two are fearless and ready for a tussle at any given moment.  They purr the instant you pet them and crave attention.

I’ll introduce them individually tomorrow!


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