Personal Space



Brothers.  George on left.  Horatio on right.  Enjoying the view.

Horatio: “George, you’re all up in my grill.  Could you find somewhere else to occupy space?”

George: “Sure thing, buddy.  Riiiiiiiiight here looks good.”

George receives nasty mew and dirty look from Horatio (not captured on camera)

George: “God, FINE, I’ll sit somewhere else.”

George: “It’s not fair.  He ALWAYS gets the good spot on this ledge.”

George: “Can I come snuggle with YOU??”

Horatio: “Please get him out of here.  He’s driving me crazy.”

If you or anyone you know would love a kitten who has no sense of personal bubble, contact me.  George is your man.  Cookie Monster already demands all of my personal space.






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